Imagine landing clients with ease, from simple conversations and never messing with complicated funnels again!

Clients on autopilot is the step-by-step system that gives you plug and play scripts to convert your DM’s and Sales COnversations in  90% less time! 

Getting clients is the lifeline of your business. But what you can’t figure out is how to turn the  conversations you’re having into actual paying clients!  It’s not about fancy funnels, or paying for ads, or even having a huge following (or any at all). It’s about creating powerful connections so you can land dream clients and finally make money!

So step away from the Cold DM’s or other spammy tactics and buckle up for the EASIEST and most authentic way to convert your conversations into you actual paying clients! 

Clients on Autopilot  gives you everything you need to convert conversations into SALES. It gives you the proven, step-by-step system complete with training scripts, checklists and a drag and drop lead system that simplifies how to get clients saying YES without tech or sleazy tactics (that don’t work)!

Booking and Closing sales calls doesn’t require a bunch of secret tactics. It just requires you to be human.

Because – secret’s out – clients don’t invest in your services… they invest in YOU.

So why does creating connections with our dream clients feel so.freaking.hard?

Getting dream clients to say YES only requires you to focus on two things: making deliberate connections with your dream clients and knowing how to convert those conversations!

But let me guess, you’re struggling with how to go from “Hello I’m Jane,” to knowing what to say to get them interested and ready to say YES to working with you……

The problem is…..

you’ve been sold some really bad “advice”…

Every online marketing “guru” is selling you on their complicated and secret tactics that require thousands of hours and dollars to be able to find and close clients… And it feels impossible to create a way to get clients without investing an arm and a leg in a year long coaching program  that leaves you with an empty bank account AND calendar. 

You have no idea where to start. Between social media, email marketing, blogging, videos and everything else, it feels overwhelming. You are stuck trying to figure out which thing to pick that will actually bring in clients, like yesterday.
The things you have tried haven’t worked, or worse yet, they’ve left you feeling like a total sleaze ball when all you wanted to do was to help people and make the impact you were put on this earth to make.
Real talk: it doesn’t have to be this hard!
The only reason you’re not easily converting clients yet is because everything you’ve been told focuses on complicated processes that repel ready-to-act clients!

And instead you’re left attracting freebie seekers who justs want you to fix their problem without paying, and has made you into a “success robot” because you feel you have to become, who’s trying to say the “right” thing to convince someone else you know what you’re doing…

So eventually you start to feel like you just can’t convert leads… no matter what…


You’re overwhelmed with call after call that repeats the cycle of excitement and possibility…. but it only ends in disappointment


You can’t figure out how to convert conversations into clients, so you keep getting "friend zoned" so you go back to the drawing board looking for a new way to get clients. Welcome to the endless cycle..


Clients on Autopilot

What’s Inside


Get access to the EXACT system that shows you to how to create high converting and authentic conversations to get more clients. This same process has allowed me to close 90% of my sales conversations and have 15k days with clients that were EXCITED to work with me!


In an instant, you’ll access trainings, scripts, checklists, and more so you can learn how convert your conversations into paying clients and never feel slimy about approaching a sale EVER AGAIN!


Best yet, you’ll connect so well with your dream clients that they will continuously show up to support you, buy your programs and promote you everywhere they go!


Ready for a complete done-for you system that teaches you how to begin to get a ‘yes’ well before a call without feeling sleazy or salesy?

Connect & Close Scripts…..

that walk you through a step by step approach to how you connect with potential clients and exactly what to say to convert them to a client.

Powerful Lead System….

a concise and powerful lead tracking tool and drag & drop blueprint to success and help you stay organized and convert MORE leads!

Comprehensive Trainings

so you can learn the exact steps I use to convert over 90% of my conversations and create a long list of dream clients who like you, trust you, and pay you.


The 4 C’s of Sales Masterclass
THE integral steps to converting sales calls with ease in the most aligned way possible!

Learn the 4 key components to converting on a sales call, without feeling sleazy or slimy!

Work Smarter Not Harder Masterclass
Learn the secrets 6 and 7 figure business owners use to prioritize their time and create efficient daily actions to keep their businesses growing!

Start maximizing your time for success.

Visibility Guide and Lead Optimizer Checklist
Stop spinning your wheels every day trying to figure out what you should be doing to maximize your visibility and generate leads! The Visibility Guide and Lead Optimizer gives you a daily, actionable checklist to take action and bring in consistent leads, without the fluff!
Content Vault
For those times you struggle with creating more content, the content vault gives you 50 powerful prompts. These tried and true prompts are meant for maximum visibility and can be used on any platform or for emails.

Wow….that’s aLOT!

That’s 7 Plug and Play Scripts…

A Drag and Drop Lead System ….

Comprehensive trainings….

And so much more…..

Grab Clients on Autopilot NOW!

Clients on Autopilot video trainings $397 Value

Connect and Close Scripts $97 Value

Done for you Lead System and Organizational Dock $147 Value

Connection to Conversion Step by Step Guide and Checklists $97 Value

Bonus: The 4 C’s of Sales Masterclass $97 Value

Bonus: The Visibility Content Vault $47 Value

Bonus: Visibility Guide & Lead Optimizer Checklist $97 Value

Bonus: Work Smarter Not Harder Masterclass $97 Value


Total value: $979

Today’s Price: $37

Hi, I’m Nas

I’m a Business Growth Strategist and mentor for impact-driven coaches, consultants and service based professionals looking to scale their business.

I’m sharing what I’ve learned in my 18 years of marketing experience and watching hundreds of businesses struggle with client acquisition.

The strategy I teach inside Clients on Autopilot is the same one I have used when I was brand new in online business 9 years ago, and that I use now to close 15k & 20k in ONE day.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from running a multiple six figure business while working less than 15 hours a week it’s that you need to be intentional with your time!

Spending countless hours online, desperately seeking leads, or creating more content is a recipe for disaster when what you really need are clients now.

You started your business to make an impact and make the income you deserve while showing up as YOU!

Your authenticity, plus a few awesome scripts and strategies that are proven to guide you through connecting, securing a yes, and retaining your dream clients is available for you.

I am sharing these systems now, so you can feel confident and connected as you continue to land dream clients whenever you want!

You don’t have to just take my word for it…..

Imagine feeling like this…..

Gaining your clients trust and converting a lead happens long before you even hop on a phone call.

So let’s talk…..

You’ve heard enough times that there’s a right and a wrong way to get clients…

But you have yet to figure how to make it right for you.

The truth is, it’s all about building connection, creating know, like and trust, and jumping on a sales call with someone who has already decided they want to work with you.

Sounds dreamy, right?

But it’s true.

For the longest time I told myself that I was horrible at sales and that my business would fail because I couldn’t crack the code on how to get people to buy from me.

But that was the problem.

I was trying so hard to sell that I forgot all about connecting, earning my dream clients trust and letting them buy into me.

Most people are spending so much time trying to sell that they forget that to master the art of true sales, we have to learn to stop selling and start connecting.

The clients of your dreams are out there waiting for you!

So, if you’re sick of getting ‘friend-zoned’ by prospective dream clients…

You’ve had enough of connecting with people only to hear that they ‘’can’t afford you,’ as an excuse time and time again…..

You know that you are here to step up, serve, and shine but without clients, you can’t work……

Then Clients on Autopilot is the complete system for you!

I’m sharing with you the exact system I have used to convert truly dream clients on 15 minute discovery calls.

Clients who trusted me before I even hopped on a call with them, and new instantly that they needed ME!

You get access to my simple framework for consistently connecting with and converting clients PLUS a drag-and-drop blueprint to organize and track your success, client by client.

Imagine how much faster and easier you could get clients if you could…


Take the guesswork and the stresswork out of getting your next client. Instead you are identifying and initiating conversations so you can convert leads into clients with ease


Access a complete done-for-you system and powerful scripts, that break down how to start and convert a conversation so your dream client feels heard and connected and then buys into you, without all the fluff


Develop the tools to consistently connect with prospects without having to even think about it


Learn to infuse you and your heart centered approach in to your connections so you can convert your leads in to loyal clients


Gain the confidence to close before the call ensuring that you are ready to rise to the occasion and finally live life creating success on YOUR terms and serving your dream clients

Clients on Autopilot is a complete, done for you system that will allow you to simplify prospecting and closing by utilizing and leveraging the power of human connection and helping you get back to what makes you so special and unique, because buying decisions hinge on YOU – not just what you have to offer.

Grab Clients on Autopilot today….

Now only $37

Lock in this low price today. The price will be going up soon!



 ✔  Done making excuses for why you can’t seem get any clients, even though you know what you’re offering is transformational!

✔ You are passionate about your business and helping others and you want to start making an impact!

✔ Tired of feeling like you are always getting passed up by others in your industry, and you know you have so much to offer!

✔ You enjoy connecting with people, but you feel like you are always getting “friend-zoned” when you start conversations.

✔ You know that your success is NOT optional!



👎  You don’t want to do the work. You expect people to just want to work with you, even if you aren’t taking the time to show them why!

👎  You think success is optional. You aren’t all in on your business, it’s more like a hobby you enjoy playing around with.

👎  You want to just sell people into your programs, but you don’t really care about their outcome or them at all.

👎  You don’t believe your offer is that great.

👎  You don’t think connection is an important piece of growing your business

Frequently Asked Questions


What if I’m not tech-savvy or familiar with Trello?

No worries, I’ve created a super straightforward training to show you how to use the features, but if you don’t like Trello, all the same information is hosted inside Membervault to consume in a course format,  for you to gain the same value!

Do I have to have the paid version of Trello?

Nope, you can use the system with the free version of Trello. No additional purchase is required!

What if I don’t know how to get visible in the first place?

No worries, this system has a companion course you can purchase for $77 to help you gain massive visibility in your business in 30 days! Click HERE for more information.

When do I get access to the System and trainings?

You will receive an email immediately after you purchase with a link and instructions on how to access the portal, system and trainings! You can start the minute you get the email and start creating connections that convert NOW!

I don’t have time for more “stuff.” How much time to do I need to dedicate to this?

I totally feel you. As a mom with 3 kids, I’m not trying to add more “stuff” to your plate. This is meant to help you become more intentional and focused on getting clients. This process has helped my clients spend LESS time generating leads then they used to.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of the Clients on Autopilot System, we do not offer refunds. 

What you need to know is that this isn’t tactics, this is breaking down easy to utilize connection that converts, again and again!


Will this work if I’m not a coach or consultant?

The Clients on Autopilot System is meant for any online business owner that gets clients through social media or some form of online networking. 

Clients on Autopilot

Clients on Autopilot video trainings ($397 Value)
These bite size trainings give you quick, actionable tips to get your business moving forward and bring in consistent leads with ease!

Connect and Close Scripts ($97 Value)
Never feel creating connections again. These connect and close scripts are the blueprint to feeling confident in creating conversations that convert!

Done for you Lead System  ($147 Value)
Your fully customizable Trello board keeps your leads systemized and organized. The easy to use, drag-and-drop system keeps you on top of your daily lead gen and analytics.

Bonus: Visibility Guide & Lead Optimizer Checklist ($97 Value)
Your day-to-day action guide and checklist to help you stay top of mind and generating consistent leads in your business without all the fluff!

Bonus: The 4 C’s of Sales Masterclass ($97 Value)
In this powerful masterclass, I break down the 4 main keys to mastering your sales without ever feeling sleazy or pushy again!

Bonus: Visibility Content Vault ($47 Value)
For those days you struggle with creating another piece of content. The Content Vault gives you access to 50 powerful content prompts to keep you consistent and engaging!

Bonus: Work Smarter Not Harder Masterclass ($97 Value)
Learn to master your time and start working smarter not harder. We break down the secrets 6-7 figure business owners use to stay on track and not waste any precious time!Learn to master your time and start working smarter not harder. We break down the secrets 6-7 figure business owners use to stay on track and not waste any precious time!

Total Value $979

 Today’s Price: $37

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